PermaMelt - Winter Maintenance Made Easy

Use PermaMelt to attain levels of Anti-Icing and De-Icing beyond that of conventional methods without adverse effects on the environment or your concrete surfaces.

Achieve results that last while reducing maintenance expenses and upkeep requirements over the life of your concrete.

PermaMelt can be used as an anti-icer to prevent accumulation of snow and ice before the storm, or as a De-Icer after the storm to facilitate ice and snow removal.

PermaMelt Industrial Strength Ice Melt Formula


PermaMelt penetrates ice on contact, making it separate from the substrate and allowing for easier removal. The extreme low freezing point (-80°F/-62°C) also means a single application can last from 48-72 hours as the formulation resists dilution and refreezing. PermaMelt is easy to handle, requires no agitation and is safe for concrete and the environment.

PermaMelt won't stain or attack interior finishes or tile and carpet mastics and can help prevent winter maintenance problems with flooring surfaces. Other ice melt compounds have high pH levels and act like a floor stripper, by taking the finish off interior substrate surfaces. Tracked in residue causes excessive wear and abrasion, ultimately dulling and scratching through the surface of expensive tiles, factory finished stone and polished concrete surfaces.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Rapidly cuts through hard packed ice, breaking the bond at the surface
  • Resists re-freezing and early dilution, preventing further ice formation and snow accumulation
  • Fast acting, long-lasting formula results in fewer applications
  • Non-toxic & non-hazardous to plant and animal life
  • Non-corrosive — will not damage metals, wood, gutters, equipment or vehicles
  • Easy to apply — no special spray equipment needed
  • No mess — will not track or leave residue like common de-icer
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Primary Applications
  • Driveways, Ramps, or Steps
  • Parking Lots or Loading Docks
  • Jobsites, Airport ramps & aprons
  • Streets, Walkways, Sidwalks
  • Industrial Floor Slabs

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