MQ Whiteman SlabArmor™ Concrete Solutions

MQ Whiteman is proud to bring you the first new line of sustainable concrete products since the creation of Roman Concrete.

For more than 75 years, MQ Whiteman has been recognized around the world as the leader in flat floor placement and finishing. Now we expanding our line with a revolutionary group of environmentally-friendly chemical solutions.MQ SlabArmor™ Products will forever change the way concrete is placed, finished, and maintained.

Using walk-behind or ride on power trowels, the SlabArmor™ patented curing formula and application process starts working immediately when applied during concrete placement. The nano-sized technology creates a hydration-enhancing vapor barrier and allows the contractor unprecedented control over the finishing process, extending the time to finish concrete in all weather conditions. Through this patented system, SlabArmor™ creates even hydration resulting in denser concrete, flatter floors with minimized cracking or curling.

SlabArmor™ Plus restore and conditioning products assist in the revitalization of existing concrete, while the cleaning products protect and maintain your SlabArmor™ cured concrete.

The SlabArmor & SlabArmor Plus line of products are environmentally friendly with neutral ph compositions aimed to protect the environment. Use these products with the knowledge that no harm is posed to your crew members or the environments. A benefit on jobs with LEED requirements.

SlabArmor™ Starter


SlabArmor™ extends material life by closing capillaries within the slab eliminating transmission of water and vapor which leads to mold and bacteria. It acts as a finishing aid, holding water in for weeks if not months on end. It is invisible to the eye and almost impossible to apply incorrectly.

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SlabArmor™ Plus

SlabArmor™ Plus

SlabArmor™ Plus dust proofs and hardens concrete in a single application. The low pH qaulities provide better hardening characteristics and an attractive, longer lasting finish ideal for warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores.

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Use PermaMelt to attain levels of Anti-Icing and De-Icing beyond that of conventional methods without adverse effects on the environment or your concrete surfaces.

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